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Crane Catalog

Crane: Bronze, Iron, Cast Steel and Ball Valves

Centerline: Butterfly Valves

Duo-Chek: Wafer Check Valves

Flowseal: High Performance Butterfly Valves 

Aloyco: Stainless Steel Valves
Durabla Valve Company 

DFT Product Catalog

Non-Slam, spring assisted

Prevents Water hammer

Project management

1/4" through 24"

ANSI 150 to 1500/API 5000
WCB, 316SS and other alloys
Thrd, SW, FLG, Water & BW ends 
Meets or exceeds MSS-SP61 
Soft seating available 
Custom Sizing 
Pulse-Damping design (PDC) 
Liquids, gas or steam 

Elbi Expansion Tanks




Expansion Tanks & Specialties

ASME & Non Coded

ASME Air Separators

Gerand Engineering 

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Gerand Meters Streater Sales

The Company
Gerand Engineering company was founded in 1965 by a qualified team of engineers with years of experience dedicated to providing outstanding quality products for hydronic balancing in the HVAC industry.

The Products
Gerand's product line consists of Venturis, Indicators (orifice type) and Balvalve-Venturis (one-piece unit, fixed Venturi and valve) manufactured by Gerand and meters used to balance the hydronic and air systems.

Venturis and indicators are furnished with a set of meter fittings (nipples, valves, and quick disconnects).
Balvalve-Venturis have nipples and
quick disconnects.

A chained metal tag is furnished with all
flow devices. The tag shows the unit size,
unit location, the GPM and corresponding
meter reading in inches of water (P).

Accuracy and Calibration
Found in Gerand's complete catalog are
curves that have been based on independent
Test Laboratory Calibrations. An accuracy of 
1% is standard as a result of these calibrations.

Gerand suggests using Venturis on all units at least
2-1/2" and larger for ultimate accuracy and lowest possible head loss. Orifices may also be used
though the permanent head loss, with orifices is substantially increased from that of Venturis.

On 1/2" through 2" lines we recommend using
Balvalve-Venturis furnished as a one-piece
Venturi/valve with a memory lock on the handle.

All flow fittings should be supplied with chained
metal tag indicating the unit size, unit location, GPM
and corresponding differential reading in inches of water. Venturis and indicators should be supplied
with nipple, valve and quick disconnect meter fittings. Balvalve-Venturis should be supplied with nipples
and quick disconnects.

A portable 0-50" or 0-100" differential meter shall be used for balancing flow in all units. meter should be furnished as part of the system. 

Hays Fluid Controls 

Hays Balancing Valve

Superior Valves for Superior
Fluid Control
Hays Fluid controls makes the world's most effective automatic flow control valves and related vital components for the HVAC industry. Hays products work quietly and dependably to control water flow, saving money and energy with their unique designs.

Hays Fluid Controls flow rates range from as low as 0.5 GPM to over 7,000 GPM, with pressure differentials from 2 to 150 PSID.

Hays products include:
Manual and automatic flow controls
Hose kits and piping packages, fully assembled
Solenoid valves
Flowmeters and flow computers

Custom-designed products for a wide range of special applications

Saving You Money, Protecting
Your Equipment
Hays Automatic valve products are much more economical than manual systems. In a typical manual balancing system, circuit balancing valves are required at all terminal units as well as the riser. The system has to be tediously (=expensively) rebalanced whenever a new terminal unit is brought online.

Hays automatic valves are only required at the terminal units. No controls are needed on the risers, and the system does not have to be rebalanced when a new unit is added. This can reduce installation costs 60% or more, depending on the configuration.

In any office with varying cooling requirements in diverse locations, the HVAC system can reduce pump speed to meet only the chilled water needs for warmer locations, again enabling a substantial energy savings.

Hays automatic valves save even more money by providing the correct flow to protect much more expensive equipment downstream such as chillers and cooling towers, water source heat pumps, fan coils, air handlers, and other heating and cooling systems.

Hays automatic valves run for decades without any need for cleaning, saving substantial dollars over the lifecycle of a system.

Hays-Balancing Valves



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Maid-O-Mist Air Valve


Industrial - Commercial - Residential

Hydronic Vents
Steam Vents
Float Control Valves


Miljoco Corporation designs, manufactures and distributes cost-effective temperature and pressure instruments of superb quality to a diverse marketplace. Miljoco serves its customers by maintaining appropriate growth and profitability while operating in a socially acceptable and environmentally responsible manner. This philosophy, along with our commitment to exceptional customer service, has placed Miljoco thermometers and gauges in restaurants, manufacturing plants, supermarkets and high rises across the United States and around the World.

Miljoco Catalog
Nicholson Steam 

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Nicholson-Silver-Trap Nicholson-Pump
Liquidator 450 Universal Mount Condensate Commander Classic Pump


Thermostatic Steam Traps
Thermodynamic Steam Traps
Mechanical Steam Traps
Clean Steam Products
Drain Orifice Steam Traps
Condensate Pumps
Gasketed Unions
Strainers & Specialties
Norriseal Controls 

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Quality Construction,
Superior Technical Support

Spence Steam 

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Spence Regulator Streater Sales

Spence Product Catalog

Control Valves
Noise Attenuation
Condensate Pumps
Safety Relief Valves
Steam Traps


SVF Flow Controls 

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  SVF Shop Streater Sales



The SVF Technical Center houses our state of the art training classes where our customers learn all aspects of our products' design and use. We also maintain a clean room for sanitary valve assembly, a testing and calibration station and a full array of sensitive measuring instruments to ensure the highest quality manufacturing and ultimate valve performance.


Trerice Thermometer Gauge


Instruments - Thermometers - Gauges

Since 1923 the H.O. Trerice Co. has consistently produced the "complete line" of instrumentation and controls available to industry. Trerice has achieved this while maintaining an international reputation for excellence in product design and quality. With pride, we present this brief introduction to the Complete Line of Trerice Products.

Trerice Catalog

Watson McDaniel 

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Watson McDaniel Steam Trap Streater Sales

Watson McDaniel Catalog



Steam Traps
Pressure Regultors
Temperature Regulators
Condensate Pumps
Relief Valves 
Liquid Drainers 
Specialty Products 


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